StationMaster / Reverser

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Train Decelerator and No-Sensor Reverser

What It Is

The StationMaster / Reverser is a back-and-forth accelerating/decelerating reversing unit which provides a "no sensor" reversing operation in addition to a sensor operation which allows in-between station stops.

The standard no-sensor hookup is here: Point-To-Point Automatic Reversing. (Please reference the manual for sensor operations) A back-and-forth time is measured and then the deceleration starts a few seconds before reaching the end.

If sensors will always be used then the standard StationMaster is recommended because it replaces the "no sensor" software with additional features such as the self-adjusting deceleration, etc. Both units can reverse with sensors and both also provide in-between station stops. They are both wired identically.

What It Can Do

In addtion to a full featured reversing unit the StationMaster / Reverser can also be programmed to provide simple Deceleration/Acceleration station stops for simple loops:

The hookup for a station stop is here: Station Stops Hookup. The train will gracefully slow down, pause, and then realistically accelerate at all stations on the loop.

For additional hookups with other rrconcepts products please see the Track Hookups Web Page. and the manual. Reversing with altenating trains and other additional hookups are shown in the user manual.

The StationMaster is designed for outdoor use if placed inside a Rubbermaid or similar container and then easily hidden under a rock or inside a model building or station.

Here is a review from Del Oro Pacific Model Railroad Club on an older version of the Reverser.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Full adjustments for DECELERATE, DELAY and ACCELERATE rates to accommodate any size railroad.
  • Input protection for incorrect hookups.
  • Auto sensing shutdown prevents damage to electronics.
  • "Top Speed" adjustment dial for fixed DC voltage sources. (only when using sensors to reverse)
  • Station stop time delays easily programmable from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

Current Manual

Keep this web page open all day long to hear a train whistle mark the hours!