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The YardMaster is a multi-function "do-it-all" module but sometimes only a basic operation is needed. For this reason the YardMaster can be ordered in two different configurations; the YardMaster-SM, and the Full Featured YardMaster.

The YardMaster-SM is a cost-effective version that can be used for StationMaster and simple switching applications. (Reversing loops, etc) If you are connecting to a StationMaster or just need the internal relay and turnout controls then this version will work. The SM version will not contain the current sensor, external relay control, or signal lamp control relays.

The standard YardMaster contains all features and will work everywhere in all hookups. This is the most flexible unit and recommended if the setup will be changed in the future. It will work with or without a StationMaster hookup. The YardMaster is also available as a bare PC board without the plastic enclosure which is how many of our competors offer their products. (Please inquire about the bare board version for a reduced price)
YardMaster SM Version (no signal light relays, external relay control, or current sensor)
This is the good choice when used with a StationMaster.
YardMaster Full Featured, everything included


The StationMaster is available in VERSION 5 and VERSION 6 options. Both perform all StationMaster operations, but the 6 version has four additional features: 1) Manual reverse and bypass where the StationMaster will be disconnected from the track when the input voltage is reversed (run the train backwards), or the bypass switch is opened. 2) Addition of an external 10 AMP relay connection. This relay can be used for turning on something when the train is stopped at the station, or controlling signal lights for back-and forth operations, or controllling red/green signal lamps in synchronous with stop/go, etc. 3) Much higher input voltage (up to 23 volts) due to an internal DC-DC converter. 4) An additional sensor input connector for "justa-station-stop" as described in the manual.

Both the VERSION 5 and VERSION 6 are available in 4 AMP and 10 AMP configurations. (An LGB 0-4-0 requires about 1 AMP)
StationMaster-5 (4 AMP) $105
StationMaster-5 (10 AMP) $125
StationMaster-6 ( 4 AMP) $125
StationMaster-6 (10 AMP) $145
Station Stop KIT

Everything needed for a full deceleration, pause, acceleration station stop. Includes 1 StationMaster-5 (4 AMP), 2 Sensors, one Magnet, and the Screwdriver/Magnet tool.. With this kit the train can either perform the self-adjusting "perfect stop" deceleration, or two separate station stops can be done for a circle with 2 stations. See the StationMaster manual for details.

$115 Large Scale:
Small Trains (N/HO/On30, etc):

Sensors and magnets sold separately.

StationMaster / Reverser

The StationMaster / Reverser is used for reversing hookups where train sensors are not desired. If using train sensors then the standard StationMaster programmed for reversing mode would be a more capable choice. The StationMaster and StationMaster/Reverser use identical electronics and look the same (except for the label), but contain completely different software.

StationMaster-5 / Reverser 4 AMP (sensors sold separately) $105
StationMaster-5 / Reverser 10 AMP (sensors sold separately) $125

Sensors and magnets sold separately


Train Sensors, G Scale, 2 pack $9
1 Dozen G scaleTrain Sensors $40
Train Sensors HO/N $4.50
Very sensitive weather resistant sensors that can be completely hidden under the track. Sensors are also excellent as general purpose reed switches which can be mounted in locomotives for chuff-sensors, whistle triggers, etc. Large sensors have self-adjesive tape which allows for easy mounting. Small sensors are 1/16 inch diameter cylindrical hard plastic. Magnets are required for triggering. (sold separately)
Package of 2 sensors shown.


Train Magnet, G Scale $4
Train Magnet HO/On30 Scale$2.50

Very strong Neodymium Iron Boron magnets with removable magnet mounts (G Scale only) that are used to trigger Train Sensors. Strong magnets allow up to 1 inch sensing distance for G scale and about 1/2 inch HO scale.

Screwdriver + Magnet Tool

Screwdriver + Magnet Tool $2.00

Screwdriver with small blade perfect for screw down terminals with strong magnet on the end for triggering sensors.

Protection & Reversing Diodes

10 AMP Diode with pigtails and wire nuts. $1.50
10 AMP diode with attached pigtail wires and wire nuts for easy installation, or wired leads for attaching to track isolators. Used to prevent damaging reversed voltage from entering system. Recommended for applications where a StationMaster is attached to a YardMaster and also for reversing hookups. See manuals for details and usage.
10 AMP Diode with leads. $0.50 each
3 AMP Diode with leads. $0.50 each
Reversing Diode Kit - includes 5 self-tapping screws and 2 diodes (3 AMP) $2.50 each

Interconnection Cables

Straight cable for StationMaster to Yardmaster-5 connection. $3.50 each
Y Cable for StationMaster to multiple YardMaster-5 connections. Used for multi-track sidings. $3.50 each

External Relay Modules

YardMaster Relay + cable $9.50 each

10 AMP Relay module that can be added to the YardMaster for advanced hookups. Includes attaching data cable. See the YardMaster manual for details.



Track Isolators

Code 332 Isolator $3.50 each

Split-Jaw code 332 brass track isolator. Add a wire to the screws for easy track connections.


Repair Service

Repair service $25 each

Repair service for out of warranty units. (oler than 1 year) Due to spam issues address is not posted here. Please send email for return address


Free Stuff

5mm LED Free Bi color RED GREEN LEDs, common anode, diffused. These would work for a YardMaster signal light. (See manual for details)
5mm LED Free Bi color RED GREEN LEDs, common anode, water clear. These would work for a YardMaster signal light. (See manual for details)
5mm LED Free RED.
1000uf capacitors Free Come and get 'em. Too large to fit inside our units so we have no use for them.

We are giving away some parts which are no longer needed free with any order. Please send an e-mail with the quanity desired.



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