What it is

The StationMaster / Reverser is an accelerating/decelerating back-and-forth reversing unit which provides a "no sensor" reversing operation and also a sensor operation which allows in-between station stops. After stopping, the trains will pause before starting up again.

All StationMaster units come in either a 4 AMP or 10 AMP configuration, and can control standard DC trains straight out of the box. DCC trains can be controlled when set for DC mode by setting CV29 bit 2. And sometimes they just work without doing anything at all.

When the Creep Stop or Creep Acceleration features are enabled you will think there is actually an engineer in your locomotive as the train decelerates into and out of the yard, and then runs slowly into the station before stopping at an exact position.

How to hook it up

The standard no-sensor hookup is here: Point-To-Point Automatic Reversing.

Just attach two wires from your transformer directly to the StationMaster, and two more wires from the StationMaster to the track. On the ends have either diodes or sensors. No engine modifications are necessary. Your train will slow-down, stop, pause and then reverse.

Features and Capabilities:

With the StationMaster/Reverser you can just reverse using factory defaults, or use the programming features to do some AMAZING things: (Please read the manual for additional information)

  • Colorful LED indicators show what the train is doing
  • 10 AMP load capability.
  • State-of-the-art electronics featuring MOSFETS, an embedded digital micro-controller, and current sensing.
  • Full adjustments for DECELERATE rate, DELAY time and ACCELERATION rate to accommodate any size railroad.
  • Short Circuit Detection protects electronics from accidental damage when train wrecks occur.
  • "Top Speed" adjustment dial provides optimum train speed control.
  • Exact train stopping position allows every train to stop at exactly the same position (sensor mode).
  • Programmable station stop can be up to 1 hour, or anything when triggered from an external switch. (Maybe from a doorbell, a motion sensor, when someone opens a door, or triggered by the hands of a clock.
  • "Multiple Lap" programmable will allow many loops before the station stop if desired. (Alternaing trains hookup)
  • "Creep Stop" and "Creep Acceleration" works on up to 5 different trains running concurrently, with each train realistically slowing down and stopping at a preciese location with their own ideal creeping rates.
  • Quick connect terminals allow unplugging the StationMaster for storage while leaving all the wires in place.

Here is a review from Del Oro Pacific Model Railroad Club on a VERY VERY OLD version of the Reverser. (It's SO much better now!)

Click here to download the StationMaster/Reverser Manual (PDF)

Click here to see manuals from all previous versions