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What it is

The Self-Adjusting Shuttle is an accelerating/decelerating back-and-forth reversing unit with complete hands-off operations. The SHUTTLE will sense the ends of the track and self-adjust to provide a very realisitic slow down and then creep to a stop. The track ends are sensed with a track isolator and a diode.

In-between station stops are possible with the addition of train sensors and a magnet on the train.

The Shuttle is available in two configurations; a V3 simple version for most setups, and a V2 advanced version for multiple train operations and tweaking controls.

The Shuttle can control trains up to 5 AMPS, however there is no limit on the input power rating. The input power can be either from a DC model train throttle, or an inexpensive fixed voltage DC power supply. DC trains will run right out of the box, however DCC trains can be controlled when used with a "PWM to DC" conversion unit, or when the DCC decoder is bypassed. Depending on the DCC decoder, sometimes it just works without doing anything at all.

In addition to fully automatic mode, the SHUTTLE V2 version can also be run in manual mode which allows full manual control of the reversing operation. This is sometimes necessary for Z or N scale trains.

How to hook it up

The hookup is here: Point-To-Point Automatic Reversing.

Hookup and operating Instructions are:

1.) Attach 2 wires from your transformer to the SHUTTLE.

2.) Attach 2 wires from the SHUTTLE to the track.

3.) Attach diodes to track isolators on the ends where the train will stop.

4.) Place the train on the track and power up. The SHUTTLE will do the rest.

There are no engine modifications or sensors. Your train will slow-down, creep into the stops, pause using the set pause time, reverse, and then accelerate out.

Click here to download the SHUTTLE V3 Manual (PDF)

Click here to download the SHUTTLE V2 Manual (PDF)